Corporate Goveranance

We at SAMKRG have adopted a corporate governance system embedded with set rules, practices and processes. The corporate governance for us emanates from the ethical standards we’ve set for an efficient and transparent business. Our main objective is to provide true value to our stakeholders through our corporate practices.

The board of directors at SAMKRG give utmost importance to the value creation through the strong and ethical principles of corporate governance. Our corporate governance involves balancing the interests resting on ethics, transparency, accountability, and equal treatment to all our stakeholders i.e. the management, internal customers, external customers, government and the community. The corporate governance at SAMKRG revolves around valuing and respecting the changing times, believing in adapting to it instantly to keep our firm’s continued focus on delivering high-quality products to our esteemed customers. Our corporate governance is participatory and consensus-oriented and we are fully accountable to our stakeholders.

SAMKRG follows the rule of law in tune with applicable legal requirements. Also, we are responsive and adaptive to environmental changes. We invest in the future of our every shareholder's interest. Our policies ensure that we continue building a corporate system which strongly adheres to infallible accountability with an effective sight on the future as well.

You can go through our annual report to get an idea on corporate governance at SAMKRG.

Refer Annual Report

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