Piston Rings Manufactured in special Cast Iron, Nodular / Ductile(KV1), IKA as per DIN Standards, Malleable Martensite Iron, Steel Rings as per JIS Standards in the diameter range of 40mm to 130mm dia and Axial width from 0.8mm to 3 mm. SPRL supplies of Piston Rings PVD, Ceramic (CECRO) Coated with Hard Chrome Plating, Nitrated, Mn phosphated & Ferrous coated in rectangular, wedge key stone shaped Napier with plain & barrel honed.

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    Piston Rings

    The two critical dimensions required in rings are the Axial thickness (known as the width) and the size of the gap when the ring is closed to its working diameter.

    SAMKRG manufacturers both Cast Iron, IKA, Tuff 'B' Alloy, Nodular (Ductile) rings to suit the requirements of the automotive markets. Cast Iron rings are in the diameter range of 35mm to 130mm and steel rings as per DIN/JIS standards in the diameter range of 35mm to 130mm with a axial width from 0.8mm to 3mm for Motorcycles, Cars, LCV's, HCV's, Tractors and Industrial Engines.

    Comapany Manufactures Steel Rings from 0.8~ 3.00mm Axial width and dia 40 ~ 120mm

Piston Ring Foundry (C.I & KV1)

ring casting auto Rings mounding
Ring Casting - Foundry Auto Moulding Machine
heat treatment plant
Heat Treatment Plant - Hardening, Tempering & Washing For KV1 Nodular Iron Rings

Piston Ring - Manufacturing (Machining)

doubledisc grinding cam turning semiauto verticalboring
Double Disc Grinding - DISKUS Germany Double Cam Turning Daisho Vertical Grinding Machine - Japan

Steel Ring - Manufacturing (Machining)

steelcoil_master grind_master gas_nitriding
Steel Coiling Coil Master - Japan Grind Master Daisho - Japan Gas Nitriding Furnace

Inspection & Testing Facilities - Rings

emission_spectometer ring_circuleritytester micro_hardness
Emission Spectrometer Shimadzu - Japan Ring Circularity Tester - Talyrand 263 - U.K Micro Hardness Tester -Mitutoyo - Japan